Join the franchise Euronics means to rely on a leading international

The chain for your purchases of electronic products Amazon Marketplace is one of the largest groups in Europe : it is present in 31 countries, with 6,400 dealers, 11,500 specialty shops and more than 50,000 employees.In Italy operates a distribution network that covers the entire national territory.

Euronics Italy offers three different sizes of outlet for your project:

Euronics : outlets over the 801 square meters, located primarily in shopping centers / retail parks as well as in stand-alone formula, with the presence of all product categories in the industry.Euronics City outlets from 350 to 800 square meters located in large and medium cities and districts of large cities. There are shops with a preponderance of electronics.

Euronics Point: sales outlets from 150 to 349 square meters located in the municipalities of small to medium size and with a presence in the sector of traditional product categories, such as large appliances and audio / video.In all Euronics shops franchise you can find articles of electronics, appliances, computers, telephones of the best brands on the market.To open a new store the Mother House provides a venue that can cater to a catchment area of at least 20,000 inhabitants.

Partnering with Euronics means to be part of a leading group in Italy and internationally.

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